Travels and Tribulations

Over the last few weeks I have traveled over 3500 miles.  I traversed most of the southern United States.  The adventure began in Norfolk at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS).  I was at a workshop for a software package called PRIMER-E. Used extensively for multivariate analysis of ecological data.  To sum it up, looking at all the factors when using large data sets or for a more ecological scope of work.  It is funny that sitting for 8 hours learning all the in and outs of a software package that it would be entirely draining.  

Near the end of the week I left to attend a friend’s wedding in Lawrence, Kansas.  The first time I have really traveled to the Midwest/Plains.  I had not seen my friend in several years, he finished his PhD and moved from Baltimore to Lawrence for a post-doctoral position.  It was also the first time he had seen me since I had lost all of my weight (see previous post).

Since I was part of the wedding party I drove through the night with brief respites in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.  I saw the sunrise in Indiana and power napped in Illinois.  At times it was truly grueling but well worth the effort to visit Kansas and see an old friend, whom I’ve known for almost 20 years now.  I also had a chance to see Fred Phelps in all of his crazy glory.  Along with meeting one of my friend’s friends who showed me around Lawrence, delaying my further travels by a few hours.  But it was worth it.

Finally, I headed to Pensacola to take care of some unfinished business.  I was moving everything to Delaware and bringing the puppies with me.  I decided to purge everything in my house in Florida.  Whatever did not fit into a tow behind was going to be donated.  Overall, I took about 9 truck loads of stuff to the Goodwill.

Now that I have been in DE, in a new place, for a bit over a month.  The purge felt good.  I had years and years worth of stuff in boxes I hadn’t touched.  Why did I keep it with me?  I have boiled most of it down to everything I need and I am sure I will add to it but hopefully not much.

With the trip I have visited almost half of the eastern United States.

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