Current PictureOver the last few years I have been going through several changes in my life.  It began around February 2008, I decided that I needed a large change in my life.  At that time I weighed 324 lbs, with a waist size of 50 inches.  I’m not sure what prompted me to say to myself, get off your ass.

And get off my ass I did.  Since that time I have lost approximately 127 lbs, as of last weigh in I was down to 196-197 lbs.  The old school scales can be quite finicky I will say.  Currently, my waist is somewhere around 37 inches.  I have lost over a foot of stuff from my body.  There are times I look in the mirror and wonder who the hell is that staring back at me.

Looking back now, it was actually quite an easy process.  Instead of eating huge portions of food, I paired down.  I also played a ton of racquetball, which has become one of my favorite sports.  Which leads into the next phase of my life.

After starting a new job and still in the process of losing weight, I met D, who really helped improve my racquetball game.  And through him I met V.  Which made another large change in my life. The following two years I had made a decision, this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  Unfortunately, this was one change that was not going to be.  Due to differences, we decided to part ways.  Of course there is always more to the story but that is good enough.

And now I am working on my next change. Several years from now I will be at the ultimate stage of my academic career.

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